New Church Photo Directory

It has been 11 years since our last church photo directory was made!!  With so many new faces and 11 years up growing up, we knew it was time to do another directory. We have partnered with Lifetouch photography to update our directory. Lifetouch will provide us with both a hardcopy of the church directory and access to a mobile directory for our congregation. All individuals and families that have their photo taken will get a free 8 x 10 photo to have at home from their photo shoot. They will also have the opportunity to order more prints of their photos for all their photo needs. 5% of the sales from photos by Lifetouch will be given to the church by Lifetouch and each person or family group will receive a $10 off coupon towards their photo purchases.


When is this happening? Photos will be taken Tuesday, February 20, thru Friday, February 23, from 2pm to 8pm. Also Saturday, February 24, from 10am to 4pm.


How do I sign up to have my photo taken? There are multiple ways to sign up to have your photo taken: 

  1. Individuals or families can go online to book their photo shoot session.   Click here to book your photo session!
  2. After worship every Sunday morning until February 18 we will have a table set-up in higher grounds and members from our church will help you sign up for a timeslot.  OR
  3. You can call the church office at 630-469-5405 and speak with Kathy Turner or Pastor Anne to be signed up for a time slot.


Along with updating our photo directory we also want to take this opportunity to update our general and contact information for all our church attenders. After worship at the photo sign-up table we will have forms for everyone to fill out to help us update our church’s database too, or you can click here to update your information online.


Thank you all for your help in this exciting process of updating our photo directory! If you have any questions or concerns, please email Pastor Anne.