Orange First Look!

Want to connect with your child on his or her learning at church?

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Orange Curriculum

This year we are excited to launch an amazing curriculum called Orange.  Just as when you put yellow and red together you get orange, so also when you put church life and family life together you get a vibrant faith in Christ. Here are our Top Five Reasons we are excited about the Orange Curriculum:

  • Bible-based - Orange does the work of distilling the heart of the Bible into basic, age-appropriate truths that help to lay a solid foundation of faith for our children and youth.
  • Comprehensive - Orange allows us to consistent, incremental teaching from preschool through 12th grade! Additionally, our adult small groups will be invited to use "The Story of My Life" curriculum by the creators of Orange.
  • Equips Parents - Orange provides excellent resources for helping parents to engage with their children in the home. Parents, don't forget to download the Parent Cues App!
  • Continuing Education - Orange provides ongoing education and training opportunities for staff and lay leaders, teachers and care providers. In our rapidly-changing world, continued learning is an essential discipline for help our kids to grow.
  • Aligns with our Vision - Orange embraces an underlying approach to developing our children and youth spiritually that aligns with our vision to BE FORMED by God's love, to BELONG to community marked by God's love, and to BE PART of God's mission of love, both locally and globally.