Communion Servers and

Baking (or Buying) the Symbolic Bread for Communion

Preparing for and serving Holy Communion during our weekly worship services are important and meaningful ways you can serve God and one another.  We invite you to consider the following ways you can participate:

Baking (or Buying) the Symbolic Bread for Communion

- Sign up to bake or buy one loaf of bread of your choice (round, loaf, flat, full of gluten!).  It will be used for the bread we break during the Words of Institution.  Please make sure bread is in kitchen by 9:10am.  To sign up online to bake or purchase bread, go to:

Communion Servers

- Each Sunday listed we will need 2 bread servers and 2 chalice/juice tray servers. The tray and chalice can be awkward to hold and somewhat heavy so please sign up under which option you feel most comfortable to do.  To sign up online to help with serving Communion, go to:

Allowing God to use us as vessels to offer His grace to one another is a sacred opportunity that we pray brings each of you a sense of joy as you share Christ with one another.