1 John Devotions:  Being in the Word together during the Summer

Beginning June 16, we will be going through the letter of I John in worship for the Sundays in summer. This is a short book, but it has much to say about knowing God.

Taking our cue from our Lenten study guide where we experienced the joy and growth in Christ through intentional and daily study of His word, some women in the church have created a devotional centered in I John.  As many of us travel and vacation during the summer months, we are making this resource available so that we can encourage one another to remain in Christ, and be connected through the Word, even as we are apart from one another.

Hard copies of the devotional will be available at the church on Sunday morning, June 16.  If you’re not here that Sunday, stop by the church during office hours to pick up your copy.  OR, click here to download and print the booklet.

Thankful for our shared life in Christ,

Pastors Anne & Jeff