We are a multi-generational church working together to be formed by God's love, to build and belong to a community marked by God's love, and to be part of God's mission of love in this world, both locally and globally.  In short, we're all about living God's love. We hope you will come join us for worship.  In the meantime, take a look through our website and please feel free to CONTACT US with any questions.  Here's our Sunday morning schedule:




What to expect when you visit

Dress. Come as you are!  Some wear jeans, others wear suits.  No matter what we wear, we come ready to experience the grace and love of God.

Vibe.  Hospitality and genuine conversation are essential to who we are.  During worship we take a moment to share the peace of Christ with one another, and you will notice that people move all over the room to greet one another.  After worship we gather for coffee and conversation in our upper atrium area.


Style. Our worship services consist of the new and the old, the formal and the casual. We may sing along with an organ or a guitar, read from a screen or from a hymn book, recite an ancient creed or view a YouTube clip.


Message. Our sermons are always based on a passage from the Bible and are intended to encourage, challenge and inspire us to live God's love in our day-to-day lives, as individuals and together in community.


Open Table. We celebrate the Sacrament of Holy Communion every Sunday.  The Table is open to all who are seeking God. If you or your children are not taking Communion for any reason, we invite you to come forward to receive a grape and a blessing, our way of reminding you that you are always welcome at Christ's Table.


Giving. Those who call Glen Ellyn Covenant "home" bring their offering to support and further our mission.  As a visitor, you are welcome to contribute, but please feel free to be our guest and let the offering plate pass you by.


Greeters. When we gather in our upper atrium area for a cup of coffee and conversation after worship, look for the Visitor Table. There you can meet a Greeter, get a cup of coffee and learn a bit more about our church.


Immigrants. We are privileged to share our space with two immigrant congregations, whose services overlap with our own. Anugraha Church was formed over seven years ago by Bhutanese immigrants who were resettled from refugee camps in Nepal. Bethel Senthang Baptist Church was formed about three years ago by Burmese immigrants, many who resettled here after seeking refuge in Malaysia. 

Children: What? Where? When?

Sunday mornings are full of fun, learning and growth for your children! This year we are excited to launch the Orange Curriculum, designed to help our children Live God's Love, by inciting wonder, provoking discovery, and fueling passion! Learn more at our CHILDREN'S MINISTRIES page.

Nursery: Child care for infants and toddlers opens at 9:20 for worship and continues through the education hour until 11:50.  The nursery is Room 202, located just to the right of upper atrium entrance to the sanctuary.


Preschool: Our preschool program is for children age 2 through Pre-K. Children begin in worship with their families and are escorted to Room 106 by their teacher after the children's Bible story. During the education hour, 2s and 3s are moved across the hall to Room 107. These rooms are located on the lower in the Ark Preschool.


Children's Worship: Children K-5th grade are invited to attend Children's Worship most Sundays following the reading of the Scriptures. They are escorted to Room 113 in the lower level, the second classroom behind the kitchen. Parents are welcome to attend with their child for the first visit. Please note: Most Sundays, children return to the sanctuary before the end of worship. If Children's Worship runs over, they will be escorted directly to their Sunday School classrooms.


K-5 Sunday School: K and 1st grade meet in Room 112, the first classroom behind the kitchen. Grades 2 & 3 and grades 4 & 5 meet in separate classes in the Family Life Center. The Family Life Center is located on the lower level, directly below the sanctuary.


Sign-in/Sign-out: If your child is attending any children's programs for the first time, please be sure to stop at the Welcome Desk in the upper atrium area to provide basic information to help us keep your child safe. Unless your child is being dropped off at the nursery, please bring them into worship until they are escorted to their programs. For your child's safety, all children infants through 3rd grade will be kept in their classroom until they are signed out by a parent or guardian.

CLICK HERE to learn about our programs for Junior High and High School students.