From 1947 to Present

In 1946 as the population of Chicago expanded westward, eight families left an established church in Chicago's Austin neighbor to follow God's leading to plant a new church in Glen Ellyn, one of the rapidly-growing suburbs. That year, the Glen Ellyn Mission Covenant Church was born on the corner of Hawthorne and Kenilworth.

In the more than seventy years since our church many things have changed, but our commitment to living God's love has remained constant. And we have seen that love multiply in the life of the two churches that grew out of the movement of God at Hawthorne and Kenilworth and continue to glorify God and serve their communities today! 

As with our founding members, God continues to call us out of the comfort of our own established community of faith. Part of what that looks like for us today is sharing space with two immigrant churches: Anugraha Church, a Nepali-language congregation made of former refugees from Bhutan, and Bethel Senthang Baptist Church, a group of Chin (Burmese) refugees who worship primarily in their native tongue, Senthang.

Today, we are so excited to continue to carry out our mission to live God's love at the corner of Hawthorne and Kenilworth. God has gracious given us new gifts: new buildings, new people, new partnerships, new programs, and most of all, new life! We hope you will come get a taste of what God is doing at Glen Ellyn Covenant Church.