Living God's Love

These three simple words get at the heart and soul of what we're all about. Jesus is the fullest expression of living God's love. He laughed and cried with people in their joy and pain. He brought healing and freedom to people who were hurting and trapped. He practiced boundary-crossing hospitality and gave people despised by others a sense of belonging by sharing meals with them. He encouraged, challenged, inspired and guided people in many different situations. And in the moment when even his friends abandoned and betrayed him, he made the shape of God's wide-reaching love, stretching his body out on the cross for the sins of the world.

As followers of Jesus, we want to:

     Be Formed by God's love

     Belong to a community marked by God's love, and

     Be Part of God's mission of love in our world, both locally and globally.  

In short, we want to live God's love.  Learn more about us: